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PT. Anson Mitra Solusindo

We started our business with doing Accounting system for the small business company in 1996 in Bandung city. With adequate networking and experience, Effort of Sonny, Merie Boenawan and Budi Subroto R.R has got result and expand the services quite significantly. PT Anson Mitra Solusindo was established 20 December 2002 officially, provide accounting services, accounting management to assist the business owners to generate the better reports.

Anson assists the Business’s Owner to produce the balance connection among the existing accounting processes, review the accounting cycles in bookkeeping system or generate the new accounting system, which is at the end to help in high growth markets and revenue.

Anson has assisted many companies from different industries, accept the challenges and risks in the bookkeeping, producing financial reports and Taxes as well.

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The Team Partner

LNW Sonny, SE

Merie Boenawan, SE. Ak, CA

Budi Subroto R.R