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Management Consultant, System, IT and Tax

We started our business with doing Accounting system for the small business company in 1996 in Bandung city. With adequate networking and experience, Effort of Sonny, Merie Boenawan and Budi Subroto R.R has got result and expand the services quite significantly. PT Anson Mitra Solusindo was established 20 December 2002 officially, provide accounting services, accounting management to assist the business owners to generate the better reports.

Our Product

Other main services as an accounting and system consultant, we provide services based on the business owners request to generate synchronization among the accounting processes, review accounting cycles through bookkeeping system and innovated accounting system.

Accounting services, are below :

Monthly Financial Reports, in terms of :

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • General Ledger
  • Cash Flow and Flow of Goods Control
  • Financial Report Analysis

Audit Service

We provides auditing services on internal and external use for Company needs.

Employees Training

We train the Company’s employees to produce the financial reports in private as the company’s needs.

Maintenance Services Accounting

We provide maintenance service to generate monthly financial reports using the accounting application, then any issues to prepare reports will be resolved.

Cloud Online Accounting Software

Is online accounting software to arrange better accounting system for Small and Medium Scale Company. COA ( Cloud Online Accounting ) subscription has different flexibility and advantages, UNLIMITED capacity data storage in cloud allows the business owners to minimize cost.

The advantages are below :

  • Mobile working environment anywhere and anytime, security ID kept by the business owners.
  • Real-time Informative access, without any assistance from staff
  • Gain Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), no need Server on Premises
  • Decrease Employee’s expenses to maintain the Software on Premises itself

Our commitment is always ensure your accounting solution.

Vision & Mision


"To be A leading Accounting Service and System Solution provider accross regions and countries."


"To assist the business owners to provide useful financial statements, handle bookkeeping issues in order to focus to planned targets, and the reports are able to provide business results in the past and on-going, include input projections for future result and improve and faster strategic decision, increase participation and accuracy, real-time information access. "